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Strong earthquakes have shaken many cities in Taiwan. The intensity of the quake was measured at 7.2. The earthquake has caused terrible devastation in the country. Many buildings have collapsed, and many people are feared buried inside. After the quake, Taiwan formed an emergency ministry, and the army formed a particular unit for rescue operations. Its tremors were felt as far as Japan and the Philippines. According to Taiwan’s Fire Department, four people have died, and more than 50 are injured. There is also a possibility that the figures will increase.

In this difficult time, China has added more trouble to Taiwan. China launched a satellite just 1 hour before the earthquake in Taiwan. While Taiwan’s government is engaged in relief work, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry monitors China’s actions. During the quake, China tried to exert pressure by sending 30 fighter planes and nine ships into Taiwan’s airspace. After this action of China, Taiwan has to be monitored on two fronts.

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The many-years-old dispute between Taiwan and China is currently heating up. There is already a dispute between the two countries regarding Taiwan. According to the Taiwanese Central Weather Bureau, this is the strongest earthquake to hit Taiwan in 25 years. Earlier in 1999, there was an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude. More than 2000 people had died then.

According to Taiwanese media, more than ninety-one thousand homes in Taiwan are without electricity after the earthquake. The earthquake has damaged the power plant. Rescue operation underway: The maximum damage due to the earthquake occurred in Taipei and Gulian cities. Here, 26 buildings have been damaged, and people are still trapped in many buildings. Many people are buried under the debris. Rescue operations are being carried out continuously to save them.

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Many aftershocks have also occurred in Taiwan. Among these, the strongest one is After Shob of magnitude 6.5. Every year many earthquakes happen in the world, but their intensity is less. The National Economic Information Center records about 20 thousand earthquakes every year. There are hundreds of such earthquakes which cause more damage. An earthquake lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes.

The longest-lasting earthquake in history occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004. This earthquake lasted for 10 minutes. Now let us tell you in which countries earthquakes have caused devastation recently. Japan, Türkey, Indonesia and Nepal. On January 1, 2024, an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 in Japan was followed by a tsunami.

Japan is sensitive to earthquakes. Earthquakes keep happening here. Because it is near the junction of 2 tech nick plates. Recently, earthquake tremors were felt in Türkiye. Its intensity was estimated at 6.4 on the reactor scale. Its shock was felt even in Lebanon and Israel.

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Two hundred sixty-eight people have died, and more than 700 are injured due to the earthquake that hit Indonesia’s main island, Java. An earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes was detected in the neighbouring country Nepal at midnight on November 9, 2023. Tremors were also felt in 5 states of North India, including Delhi and UP.

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